Save Jamboree and bring attention to London's remaining grass roots venues.

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Jamboree, the much-loved grassroots music venue, is due to close at the end of March after the landlord refused to renew its lease. In the heart of the East End, Jamboree has provided a stage for musicians from around the world for almost a decade and is a hub for the local community.
The landlord, Sudbury Properties, has given no explanation for refusing to renew Jamboree’s lease, and in only weeks a yoga studio is due to take over the premises, leaving Jamboree’s community set to be disbanded.

Amy Lamé, London’s Night Czar, and the office of the London Mayor, have pledged their support to Jamboree. A proposal to the landlord from Jamboree’s owner that the lease be extended four months, allowing it to celebrate its tenth birthday was also rejected. The building that houses Jamboree had recently been earmarked for redevelopment.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our disappointment with the decision to close Jamboree. The number of live music venues in London is dwindling with 40% of grassroots venues lost since 2008. Venues like Jamboree are foundational to London’s reputation as one of the cultural capitals of the world and support countless musicians and artists. To sacrifice all of this with such short notice is a tragedy and with kindness we urge the landlord to reconsider his decision and keep Jamboree open. We also call on the mayor of Tower Hamlets to intervene if necessary, backing up his council's ambition to become the London Borough of Culture by requesting that Sudbury Properties revoke their decision not to renew Jamboree's lease, and the council to review our application for Cable Street Studios (the building in which Jamboree is located) to be awarded the status of an asset of community value.

 ** There is a second petition, specifically addressing Tower Hamlets residents and workers. We ask the council and the mayor of Tower Hamlets to step in and help prevent Jamboree from closing. We need at least 2,000 local signatures by Wednesday, March 7th in order to be heard!! If you live or work in Tower Hamlets, please support by signing HERE

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