Save , Iowa /YWCA (DBQ Y)

Save , Iowa /YWCA (DBQ Y)

August 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by YMCA Dubuque

The Y is a vital component of the community and has a long tradition of receiving community support. We strongly believe this support is being tested due to repeated actions and inaction by Y leadership that run contrary to the mission and values of the organization.

We, the Y community (i.e. members, employees, volunteers, donors, etc.) and the Community are greatly concerned with the unethical behavior, the abuse of power and authority, and misconduct of the Y President & CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Anthony (Tony) Calabrese and Board Chief Volunteer Officer (CVO) John Cook. We are hereby requesting both John Cook and Tony Calabreese resign immediately. 

The impact of misconduct by Y CEO, Tony Calabrese, has adversely impacted the ability of the Y to carry out its mission, and it  goes against the Y Values. We have multiple concerns, but the following are the most immediate:

  • Loss of DBQ Y Leadership
  • Negativity Reducing Employee Moral 
  • Verbal Attacks directly by Y CEO Tony Calabrese
  • Damaged reputation of the Y and employees
  • Loss of  Y members, donors, volunteers, and employees
  • Negative publicity
  • Financial loss incurred
    - Program Disruption &/or cancellation  
  • Lack of transparency

These concerns raise issues that reflect a pattern that we believe could permanently impair the Y ability to sustain operations. Overall, we are concerned with the future of the Y and the lack of attention to these valid concerns by Y Board Member Mr. John Cook. Please note, Mr. Cook had set up numerous meetings and canceled every single one without explanation. We are also asking that any employee who resigned because of this matter and impending registration of others be reinstated without penalty and/or retaliation. Furthermore, the Y members, donors, and local community be allowed input regarding this matter. We hereby ask for the board to hold an open meeting and allow these concerns to be addressed. 

Please sign if you are concerned with the future of our local /YWCA (DBQ Y)

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Signatures: 152Next Goal: 200
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