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Save HTC From Itself: Listen to users, embrace fresh ideas, hire fresh and excited people.

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It's important because HTC Users deserve to be heard and we don't want HTC to blow it's awesome poker hand it holds with the One.

So the interwebs are on fire with all the articles about the sinking of HTC and the “Exodus” of some it’s top officials. I am a new HTC user, after many many years with Samsung (and a brief stint with the One X). I am totally 100% in for the HTC One. I think it’s probably the best designed and executed Android smartphone out there (the Oppo Find 5 is very close). Even Sense 5 is hugely improved and Blinkfeed is actually handy and would be better with some minor tweaks.

I’ve been posting all morning about my own interest in being a part of HTC to help turn the company around. In no way am I joking about that proposal. But realistically, I will probably not even get a glance from HTC or Peter Chou. But, I am hoping at least, someone who might have a connection to the higher rungs of HTC would at least pass along my thoughts to those that could foster change within the company.

-Don’t let pride get in the way. Admit things need changing and find those areas that need the changing.

-Don’t set your great poker hand (HTC One) to the side, play it to it’s full potential

-Research your user base and make relevant advertising

-Embrace the users, take a page from Oppo and reach out to the community for not only ideas but support.

-Keep your promises, especially when it comes to software updates. Another lesson learned from Oppo. Weekly updates may not be viable for HTC but when Android is updated HTC should follow suit.

-Take a page from Apple, don’t allow carriers to control updates, do it yourself

-Communicate and care. Don’t leave your users guessing and wondering. Doing this just creates bad press and rumors that look bad for the company. Social media is a must, not only posting about your products but INTERACTING with the users in those same posts. Be prepared to offer ANSWERS to questions asked.

Customer service. Warranty your phones and honor that warranty. Kill the carriers. Recently I had to return my One because of a dead pixel. I was turned away at the HTC store and told to go to Sprint. Unacceptable. The Apple store would have exchanged an iPhone on the spot (I have done it many times) as long as it was in warranty and not damage caused by me. SERVICE.........learn it, live it.

These are just my ramblings about how things can change and HTC is still very much a viable company with a great product. Now maybe not everything above would work, but they are just my offerings off the top of my head. +HTC Peter Chou has my resume.

Feel free to add more suggestions HTC users.

How can HTC improve and get it’s feet under it again?

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