Save Endangered Species from the Border Wall!

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Donald Trump the current President of the United States Border Wall is a threat to biodiversity. There are over 62 species that are registered as Critically Endangered and it can effect there abilities to find mates, resources, and even disrupt their migratory patterns. The wall can affect animals like the Mexican Gray Wolf, the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep, and the Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope all three are registered as Critically Endangered! The wall can also affect the flow of major rivers such as the Rio Grande, Colorado, Tijuana Rivers. A study by the University of Texas at Austin reported that the wall could threaten the Tamaulipan Thornscrub Ecosystem, the Endangered Wildflower Zapata Bladderpod, and the threatened Whiskerbush Cactus! Say No to the Border Wall for the sake of the environment its a waste of resources and a waste of taxpayers money!!!