Save Bengaluru Lake - Subbaraya Lake Cleaning , Gottigere

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Originally spanning 3 acres, Subbaraya Lake currently stands at just about an acre. Today it is is screaming for its neighborhood and government`s support in addressing the consequences of negligence and apathy.

Located in the vicinity of IDBI layout Gottigere, Bengaluru, the mud-tank was not only a source of drinking water for its surrounding community but also a rich habitat for a variety of water birds and wetland-dependent denizens.

Members of Hulkul Trust, and students of  Sri Ramakrishna Samagra Sikshana Kendra School and PUC , Ganesha temple are situated adjacent to Subbaraya Lake. They hold photo-documentation depicting 33 of 65 species of rare birds living around the lake.

For the past 2 years sewage water has been routed directly to the lake from surrounding areas and is now experiencing contamination. The protective fencing around the lake is in disrepair thus allowing for more garbage and debris to cause further contamination.

Amit of Lifetide talks about the technical difficulties in fixing the problem -


The fishes of the lake are dying in large numbers, the habitat of birds have reduced to a great extent, there is foul-smelling sewage spilling all over and the water-body has now become a breeding ground for mosquitoes thereby causing health issues to nearby residents and children.

We ask: What has caused the deteriorated state of this water body?

It is our public, civic and government’s responsibility to restore the lake. We need to take action to promote and preserve a healthy environment that enables living and breathing spaces in the city that we share with many living beings.

BWSSB engineers confirm in April 2018 that the governing body has the money to fix it and have figured out a way to solve for it but no work has started yet. The monsoons are now over.

We request all citizens of surrounding location, volunteers & NGOs to join hands and show support by signing this petition which shall be submitted to the concerned government authority to take further action.  

Stop sewage water from flowing into the lake (3 sewage inlets have been identified,)

We demand that:

The Sewage pipeline at the bottom of the lake be removed or at the least fixed

The issue of SOLID WASTE be addressed

We want to work in collaboration with BWSSB and BBMP for the local revival project. 

On behalf of

  • Local community and Friends of Lake in the Hulimavu and Sarakki/ Puttenahalli Lake Series, Bangalore Urban Lake Revival Project + Rainwater harvesting club
  • Volunteers, NGOS, Cooperatives and informal groups associated with Ragi Kana (Urban santhe and cultural centre held at the school by Gram Seva Sangha/GSS )
  • Members of Gram Seva Sangha, Lifetide, Sri Ramakrishna Samagra Sikshana Kendra School and PUC (girls/women) 
  • Join the Children’s Movement for Sustainability, Justice and Harmony.  Write to or leave your coordinates here:
  • Jeevalaya Institute of Philosophy
  • Friends of Lake, Chunchugatta Kere 
  • Ganesha Temple committee
  • Residents of IDBI layout and 102 Village

Sharing is caring . Kindly pass on and promote this information in your friends circles , help us getting more signatures and contribute to this noble cause. Go through the next link if you want to join to the Subbaraya Revival Group