SAVE Atomic PFS and AtomicCON : Reinstate Michael Eshleman as Raleigh PFS Venture Officer

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Michael Eshleman the Pathfinder Society Venture-Officer for Raleigh-Durham and Atomic Empire has recently been removed from his position. Michael has spent the last three years as the person in-charge of organizing and supporting PFS play at Atomic Empire. He and Pete Winz, our Venture Agent, have worked hard to grow Pathfinder in the Raleigh-Durham area to the level it is today. They have organized AtomicCON and Mini AtomicCON over the years and given countless hours and resources to achieve this growth and make Atomic PFS what it is today.

Upon Michael being removed from his position, Pete stepped down from his position in support of Michael. The decision to remove Michael has placed the future of Pathfinder, Starfinder and Pathfinder v2 in Raleigh-Durham in jeopardy and removed the area's leadership.

Without Michael and Pete's support, there is a genuine chance that there may no longer be organized Pathfinder Society games and events at Atomic Empire. This means a loss of revenue to the store, fun for the players and the loss of future AtomicCons.

Removing Michael Eshleman from his position was too extreme of a reaction as it affects more than just Michael this action has affected all of the players of Paizo Society play in Raleigh-Durham and the surrounding areas.

Since removing Michael the amount of Paizo based games at Atomic Empire has gone from 8 tables a week to 4 a week. Based on the current Warhorn schedule it looks as if this decline will be much more severe over the coming months. Our estimate is it will lead to 1 to 2 tables a week and the loss of future AtomicCONs.

We are asking that you help us get Michael Eshleman reinstated as the Venture-Officer for Raleigh-Durham post haste before this decision leads to a decline in attendance at Atomic Empire that we can not recover from.

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