Make the B&O railroad Museum a National park!

Make the B&O railroad Museum a National park!

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America's oldest railroad opened in 1828 when Charles Carroll of Carrollton (one of the last living signers of the Declaration of Independence and a Freemason) performed the groundbreaking by laying the cornerstone which helped connect 13 states ranging from Delaware to Ohio, helping provide America with more efficient means of travel. Was an important source of transportation during the civil war. The riot of 1877 when the B&O cut workers pay by 10% and the Maryland national guard was called in to settle a dispute that ended up killing 100. During the first world war, the railroad moved millions of troops/tanks/arms to the eastern shores to help our allies succeed in winning the war. By the end of the 19th century, the B&O had achieved almost 5,800 miles of track and connected Chicago and St. Louis to Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City. Depressions and hard times brought receivership of the B&O to the Pennsylvania Railroad on February 29th, 1896.

WHY it needs your help:

  • This museum holds 5/55 buildings it originally had in an unsafe environment making it hard to reach.
  • Trains sit out decaying and rusting in the scorching heat.
  • Some of America's oldest trains are stored here in overheated rooms which don't help their condition.
  • Without any money or government help, it will never get better, the museum is falling apart even the trains held in sheds are in horrible condition.
  • The roads that lead to the museums are in terrible condition and a hard to drive on.
  • The environment is unsafe to reach due to the area surrounding it, which makes visitors not wanna go there and/or unliking to.
  • There simply isn't enough money to keep it up.


  • Funding for the museum.
  • Jobs for the people of Baltimore.
  • A tourist attraction which can help place Baltimore on the map.
  • Preserve the importance of this site.
  • help citizens learn of the historical achievements the B&O made.
  • More economic power which Baltimore has been deprived of.
  • Make it more attractive for little kids to explore and learn.
  • More visitors
  • longer visitor hours

Houses trains such as

  • American freedom train #1
  • Allegheny #1604
  • yellow belly #490
  • Thom thumb


Cons: NONE

Our mission is to bring back the historical importance of this railroad that helped grow a nation by making it a United States National Park.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!