Child Safety- Openable Windows Sill Height Building Code

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Did you know that currently there is a "relaxation" for windows serving a Single Family Dwelling Unit (House) to not need this critical safety measure?

Two heights, two windows, and different code for each window. A child won't differentiate the two windows... why should BC Building Code? Sign this petition to ensure that this "relaxation" of code is addressed. 

Currently in our BC Building Code (Which is derived from the National Building Code) there are restrictions on openable windows for child safety. If the inside floor elevation is 1800mm or more above ground level, an openable window sill must be a certain height (450mm) above floor to prevent young children falling out or be restricted to opening not more than 100mm. There is currently a "relaxation" for windows serving a Single Family Dwelling Unit (House) to not need this requirement if there is no suite or occupancy below. 

A large, openable window at floor level three stories up poses the same threat to a small child whether their home is a house or an apartment.

The rendition above illustrates the two window heights. On both sides of the street there is an equal danger, and yet building code requires the right one to be safe, not the left.

The primary reasons for creation and upholding building code is for safety of our loved ones, our families-- our children. By signing this petition you are communicating that with this inadequate code, the general intent of safety is not being met with "relaxation" of code for single family dwellings. The vast majority of safety standards around the world have already recognized this- including Vancouver's own building code- and it needs to be recognized across all British Columbia.

Please help us prevent unnecessary danger to our children's lives. Sign this petition to show your support. 


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