Save Live Music At Foxy Loxy

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For over five years Foxy Loxy Cafe has provided our community with a safe and respectful outdoor venue for countless artists, musicians, poets, and comedians to share their work. This stage has brought together new friends and new communities and is a central part of what makes the Starland District awesome. In all this time Foxy has run the venue with no incident and in harmony with all its neighbors.

Unfortunately, a neighbor who recently moved to the area has threatened to put an end to these events by calling these a events a "noise disturbance" and repeatedly calling the police. Foxy Loxy is now facing a court date with the City on September 19 at 2pm for supposedly violating our cities sound ordinance (links to the sections are included below.)

However, there is a strong argument to be made that Foxy is actually 100% in compliance with this.

The parties upset with the "noise disturbance" live on property zoned commercial, meaning that they can be subject to up to 71dB at ALL times. Professional decibel readings have deemed the sounds produced during musical events to be well below this level. Unfortunately, dialogue between Foxy and the adjacent property owners proved less than effective and the City has now stepped in with a citation against Foxy Loxy.

Our community suffers from a lack of easily accessible venues that offer food, drinks, and access for all ages and abilities. These small venues are vital for helping us share our talents and passions in safe and respectful spaces.

Losing the venue at Foxy Loxy is a loss for our entire community. It's also a huge lack of respect for the incredible efforts of Foxy Loxy's owner and founder, Jen Jenkins who has done so much for our community and now employs over 100 people throughout our city.

Don't let the city shut down live music and events at Foxy Loxy. Keep the arts alive in our neighborhood. Support Foxy Loxy!!

Savannah City Noise Ordinance
Sec. 9-2034 - Noise Disturbance