Stop Seismic Testing by SASOL in Mozambique

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SASOL wants to conduct seismic testing in the Inhambane and / or Sofala provinces, as part of their research into the scope and profitability of natural gas reserves in Mozambique.

Seismic testing has brutal, wide-reaching consequences on a vast array of marine life wherever conducted.

Scientific observations on marine mammals have concluded that:

"Impacts include temporary and permanent hearing loss, abandonment of habitat, disruption of mating and feeding, and even beach strandings and death. For whales and dolphins, which rely on their hearing to find food, communicate, and reproduce, being able to hear is a life or death matter. Whales simply stop “talking” to each other"

The effects of seismic testing are also hugely detrimental to the some of the smallest, and most important forms of life in the marine food web, Zooplankton.

"Zooplankton, which are essential for the health and productivity of global marine ecosystems have suffered significant mortality and the impact has been observed at a range of 1,2km from the blasting sites." 

 As such, it is absolutely vital that the people who have the power to stop this disastrous campaign receive the following message:

For the attention of:

Jamila das Neves,

Golder Associados Mocambique Lda,

Avenida Vladimir Lenine, Nr 174, Millennium Park Building, 6th Floor, Maputo City

Tel: +258 21 301 292; Fax: +258 21 301 289

 Dear Jamila das Neves,

Please consider this my formal submission to the Block 16/19 Offshore Seismic Acquisition & Drilling ESIA Project. Below you will find my concerns / issues that I would like to be taken into consideration:

As a stakeholder and interested party in the area of Inhambane and/or Sofala Province, Mozambique, I prioritise the preservation of the region's marine and coastal resources.

As such, I value the pristine marine environment this area provides, and consider its preservation and conservation critically important for the area’s socio-economic future.

After consulting with marine biologists both locally and abroad, some of the most pressing concerns in regards to this project are listed below:

* Zero discharge for this project has not been confirmed

• Seismic activity will impact vulnerable marine species including marine mammals across a wide area extending well beyond the concession

• Subsistence and artisanal fisheries will be impacted at least, at most destroyed

• No jobs will be created directly for local workforce by this project, with all staff brought in from other areas/countries.

• More profit for this endeavour will be syphoned off by non-local investors than will be recovered or reinvested locally to the project

• This biologically diverse and important ecosystem will be negatively impacted by the proposed activity

• The proposed activity will have consequences beyond the boundaries of the concession and into Bazaruto National Park

If this exploration project is to proceed it would likely have a significant impact on myself and my community, therefore I would like to be involved in the consultation process and kept informed.

Kind regards,

Sources for quotes can be found below: