Throne of Glass TV series production "Queen of Shadows"

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Throne of Glass is a popular series with Kingdom of Ash, the final installment of the seven-book series due for release on the 23rd of October 2018.

Fans were excited at the announcement in 2016 that Hulu would develop the series, but since then we haven't had any updates, leaving many fans unsure of the series outcome. Perhaps the release of Kingdom of Ash will get people thinking about the series again! But in the meantime while we anxiously await the release of the final book we can all make a difference to the series production by raising awareness of the reach of fans and the eagerness for production to go ahead. 

While we all understand that TV adaptions are often different from the series I am sure we can all agree that a TV adaption of the life of Celaena Sardothian and Aelin Galathynius will be a great story in itself. 

By getting the message out there that we have so many fans supporting this series, the likelihood of production increases and it could very well be the next big-hit.


(Personally, I live in Australia and we don't even have Hulu here but I still want this production to go ahead!)