Moo!ve away from single-serve plastic to biodegradable

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Countless mini (9 ml) single-serving milk varieties and flavoured coffee/tea creamers are tossed away daily in the garbage cans of some five hundred 7-Eleven stores across Canada. These plastic containers hurt our environment and the future of our nation's soil. Unlike larger plastic items that are typically recycled, single-serving units are almost never recycled and thrown away into the trash. Saputo and Dairyland can afford to move towards a less harmful and biodegradable alternative container for their smaller milk and creamer products. Spread the word so that the powers-that-be at Saputo headquarters (in Montreal), the Dairyland production and packaging people in Burnaby, BC and both 7-Eleven, Inc. (Irving, Texas) and 7-Eleven Canada, Inc. all Moo!ve to remove mini plastics that hurt us all and future generations. Thanks! so much,  - MGM