Allow Girls To Wear Shorts In Santa Rosa County High and Middle Schools

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I am just another high school girl who feels this dress code is biased, unfair, and frankly; immature. There is no point for the dress code against girls being able to wear shorts. The county and schools have continuously said it is in place for the male population at each school to be able to focus, because we are “disrupting” their learning environment. They give us the “option” to wear shorts that are no more than 3” above the knee. And while this may seem like an improvement, any high school girl knows that wearing those would subject them to torment, and possibly getting dress coded regardless of the shorts length because this rule is taken so seriously. Meanwhile, boys are allowed to wear shorts that are basically unregulated, it’s assumed that because they are on a male, they are dress code. This is absurd. The fact that what I, and every girl in the school system, have to wear is dictated by a teenage boys actions and their immaturity is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t punish the female population for the male populations indecent decision making skills. I, along with a majority of girls at my school, want to abolish this dress code and equalize the dressing system.

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