Ban plastic straws in Santa Monica

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Petition to Ban Plastic Straws in Santa Monica

We are a group of 8 to 13 year olds from the Pico Youth and Family Center based in Santa Monica, California. We have done extensive research and learned that plastic straws have a extremely harmful effect on the marine environment, and so we are demanding a ban on plastic straws in our city.

We at the PYFC want to permanently ban the use of plastic straws for a number of reasons. 500 million straws are used by Americans daily, which is enough to rope around the circumference of world 2.5 times. On the topic of plastic, almost every single piece of it ever made, including straws, are still on earth because it takes 200 years for normal plastics to biodegrade. Data shows that for the two billion people who live within 30 miles of the ocean, they make 100 million tons of plastic waste. There are more pieces of plastic on this earth than human beings.

Furthermore, most urban regions are served by a sewer system that collects waste from the streets and it is then disposed of in the ocean; there are eight million metra-tons of plastic in the ocean. Straws specifically can hurt marine animals. One million seabirds and marine animals die every year from straws. Plastic can be found in 60% of all seabirds and in 100% of all sea turtle species. When we learned about all of these facts in our research, we were devastated.

Our neighboring city, Malibu, has already banned the use of plastic straws and utensils, so why shouldn’t we? Malibu, like many other cities, has set an example, and we should follow. In places where straws are banned, people use alternatives such as bamboo straws, stainless steel straws and paper straws, or just do not use straws in general. For most, straws are technically unnecessary.

This petition is important because it will lead to eco-friendly advances in our community, and it will better improve the earth for future generations. People may think that straws are small and therefore have no effect and are harmless. But, straws are destroying our oceans, and eliminating them even in just one city makes a huge difference.

We hope you will help us make this change by signing this petition. Let’s ban plastic straws in Santa Monica.

No straws can save jaws! Don’t use it, refuse it! Think about the cause, choose no straws!