We Say NO to Diverting Rio Grande Farming Water for Santa Fe Development

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The City is planning to build a new 18-mile pipeline from our wastewater plant to deliver partially- treated effluent into the Rio Grande.  Discharge standards are lower for the Rio Grande than they are for the Santa Fe River, and the City’s consulting engineers have advised that big bucks could be saved by sending our poor-quality water to the Rio rather than investing in upgrades to our wastewater plant. 

The problematic effluent will be swapped for Rio Grande River water, which will be pumped uphill and treated to serve putative future growth.  This will take thousands of acre feet of water per year out of the lower 18 miles of the Santa Fe River, impacting farming communities downstream from Cienegilla to Cochiti Pueblo.  Further, the engineers assume that there will be enough San Juan-Chama water in the Rio Grande to accomplish that trade of river water for effluent. 

This is a "dump & pump" plan robbing farm communities of water to satisfy our thirst for growth. Tell the Mayor and City Council NO!