Save Tubac from Huge Gas Station Development at Exit 34 (No need to donate!)

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The citizens of Tubac, Arizona, a town rich in historic Southwest architecture, dark skies, and world-renowned migratory birds, recently learned of a commercial developer’s plans to permanently alter these precious assets.  The plans call for a 24-hour, 12 pump gas station and 8,720 square foot convenience/liquor store, including a 35-foot tall lighted tower.  This development is intended to serve truck and car traffic on highway 1-19 and would be located close to the heart of Tubac.  Our town has only 1,000 year-round residents, no streetlights, stoplights, chain businesses, or fast food outlets.  A development such as the proposed gas station and convenience/liquor store would be devastating, not only to the town’s residents, but to the charm, wildlife, and star-filled skies that draw tourists from all over the world. Light glare from this station would also be clearly visible from the Fred Lawrence Whipple Astronomical Observatory on Mount Hopkins.  As Observatory director Dr. Emilio Falco has stated, this gas station “will be the brightest thing in Tubac.”  

Local citizens have formed a grass-roots organization called “Save Tubac AZ.”

Save Tubac has quickly garnered wide local support, including a popular Facebook page and newspaper and television coverage. Through exhaustive research and discussions with real estate professionals, border patrol, firefighters, and police, Save Tubac has discovered what countless other small communities opposing such reckless expansion have found:   

·  Home values in surrounding neighborhoods will suffer a decrease

·  This station will require a constant influx of trucks and cars to be profitable  -- more than 7,000 cars/trucks per DAY (not including delivery vehicles).

·   Noise from increased truck/car traffic and gas delivery vehicles (day/night) will disturb residents and wildlife

·   Powerful lighting from the 35-foot tall tower and multiple canopies will affect our “dark skies”

·   High-intensity lights will disrupt bird habitat and migration, harming a precious and irreplaceable Tubac resource and affecting tourism and local business

·   Crime and trash dumping are common at truck stops and gas stations near highways

·   Fumes from gasoline pumping and idling truck and auto engines will cause noise and pollution

·   Fuel delivery, storage and dispensing release carcinogenic vapors, including diesel particulates

·   Spilled fuel moves downward in a liquid or vapor form and reaches groundwater during storms; over time, fuel penetrates the porous concrete under pumps and seeps into the soil; soil and groundwater contamination is also common at gas stations: drinking water wells near gas stations can become contaminated 

· Gas stations emit benzene, a toxic air contaminant with health impacts, particularly cancer

·  Two million gallons of water will be taken annually from the community water supply

·  Fires and explosions at gas stations are a known risk; nearby homes may be affected

·  Entrance and exits are near blind curves, endangering motorists

·  Gasoline supply tankers will be using the frontage road accessed by residents; vehicle accidents could expose nearby residents to gasoline spills

·  The pristine beauty and uniqueness of Tubac will be lost

Please oppose this gas station development at Exit 34 and help us Save Tubac by signing our petition!  Thank you!