Keep Farmers Market on Existing Site Instead of New Garage

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We request that the City Council:

  1. Offer the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market a permanent home on its existing site and gather community input on design improvements for the space.
  2. Heed the results of consultant Patrick Siegman's study of parking Downtown in which he told the City Council on March 19th that the Downtown does not need to add a new parking structure in order to meet the parking needs of the next decade. We applaud the City Council for adopting measures to reduce the demand for parking such as free bus passes and Jump Bike credit for all workers Downtown.
  3. We ask the City to explore the use of parking revenue to a) leverage state grants for housing that is affordable to low-wage workers Downtown and  b) supplement funding for Downtown Library renovation if needed.

Would you please sign your name to an email to the City Council? 


For the Campaign for Sustainable Transportation,

Rick Longinotti