Save Lakeview Stable, County Parks wants to evict 70 horses

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Save Lakeview Stable - 70 horses are about to be evicted!

 Lakeview Stable is 135 acres of pasture and stables for 70 horses.  It is located across from Calero reservoir on McKean Road in San Jose CA.  Each year more and more stables are closing, with fewer affordable places to go.  Lakeview is the last of the large horse facilities in Santa Clara County with natural pastures and turnouts.  Horses can graze together in herds like they did in the wild. 

After 30 years as a horse stable, Lakeview is in danger of closing.  If Lakeview closes it will be the end of a era of natural affordable horse boarding.  Santa Clara County Parks Department is in the final days of purchasing Lakeview.  Lakeview is a connection that joins Calero and Santa Teresa Parks, expanding and preserving this beautiful land. 

The Parks Department does not run businesses so they want the horses to leave.  In Marin County, Golden Gate Parks and Mid-Peninsula Open Space, boarding facilities have successfully leased back under concessionaire or nonprofit status.  This is what we want Santa Clara County Parks to do, allow Lakeview Stable to lease back as a nonprofit to:

·       Immediately make necessary repairs to bring safety and code enforcement up           to date.

·        Maintain liability insurance and insure any public programs have appropriate             liability insurance.

·        Add and manage recreational and public programs for children and adults in             Santa Clara County.  These programs will include (but not limited to)                         therapeutic riding programs for special needs kids, children’s summer camps,           riding lessons, horse education clinics, and more.

As a nonprofit, Lakeview will be an addition to the parks program providing therapeutic and recreational activities to the community.  We want to lease as a  nonprofit and will absorb liability and financial responsibility.  The activities we propose are compatible with park use and will give park users a chance to interact up close with the horse world.  These types of programs attract more people from Santa Clara County than just park users alone. 

Lakeview Stable is rare in its size and natural grazing.  Closing Lakeview will be the end of the horse ranch era in this county.  If you support keeping Lakeview Stable please sign our petition and call Santa Clara Parks Department and City Council  to make your support known.  Send your email to our address below if you wish to be added to our Friends of Lakeview Stable mailing list. Thank you for your support.          Lakeview Stable 408 482-8160      


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