Stop the High Density Housing Development of Laguna Clara Apartment in Santa Clara!

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We are neighbors of the Laguna Clara Apartment complex located on 3131 Homestead Rd. Are you aware that this two-story building is in the planning stage of becoming a four-story structure (replace 86 units with 407 units)? This major change, if approved by the Santa Clara City Council, will be a huge problem for us all. Please join your fellow neighbors in opposing this four-story development.

This urban-fill proposal to replace the current Laguna Clara Apartments was presented by Equity Residential of San Francisco (John Hyjer project manager) on Monday, June 25 at the Santa Clara Central Library. This meeting was attended by approximately 90 people. A brief comparison of the existing apartment complex and the proposed urban-fill project is as follows:

  • Before: The two-story Laguna Clara Apartment complex currently provides 86 units with limited on-property car parking.
  • After: The proposed urban-fill project will contain 585 units in a four-story structure facing Homestead Road with only 1.26 parking places per unit. 

More information can be found on the city website:

Neighbors are vehemently opposed to this proposal. Major issues that were raised at the meeting include:

  1. Traffic: The traffic on Homestead road is already heavy, especially during busy hours. Since the apartment is right on Homestead, it'll make the traffic even worse. Since the Homestead is a major road for people to commute, this change will affect not only resident close by but also many other people. 
  2. Parking: Parking for the apartment residents already overflows to the neighboring streets of single- family houses. 585 units with a potential of 1170 automobiles in a one square block area would be a major increase in already heavy traffic on Homestead, major increase in neighboring street parking and an increase in car and pedestrian hazards at adjacent street accesses to Homestead Road caused by blind corners. 
  3. School: The area is assigned to the central park elementary school, which is a new school opened in last year. If the Laguna apartment increased the residents by at least 5 times, how the school can hold that many more students? We can’t afford to impact our schools at the cost of our children’s education.
  4. Shopping: There're limited shopping areas closed to this place. The most adjacent two plazas (Safeway and Super Kyo-Po Plaza) on Homestead are already very crowded, and it's often difficult to find parking spots. If this plan happened, it will make our shopping way more difficult than before! 
  5. Construction: the construction will bring us a lot of noise and dust for years. A large amount of existing trees is likely to be removed, which will make our environment worse. Also, some neighbors has mentioned their 4-stories building will block the sun light to the residents on its east side. 
  6. Other apartments will follow: This is the last but not least concern. If this plan was approved, then we would expect other apartments will also follow the bad example to increase their residents. Since there're many apartments in this area, the residents here are really worried about it.
  7. Some other concerns include:
  • A four-story structure facing Homestead Road would not be consistent with our suburban, low profile housing. There are no four-story buildings the entire length of Homestead.
  • A four-story structure would bounce back street noise to opposite street-side housing.
  • The apartment will be only 25 ft. from the curb. 
  • High rents for studios and one/two bedroom apartments will attract multi-family occupancy. 6. The Equity Residential proposal is an unsolicited proposal.

The city council meeting will be hold on Nov. 13 7:00PM at City Hall (Council Chambers) 1500 Warburton Ave. A decision will be made whether to accept / reject this proposal. We would advise all to attend the meeting to voice your opposition to make a difference in the outcome.

If you care about the quality of your living environment, your kids education resource, and your home values, etc., please sign this petition! Please also share this petition page to your neighbors and friends who might be affected by this proposal. Besides, you can also send your concerns in email to Mayor and the City Council members ( Let's come together as a force and hope this petition will make a difference!