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Save Goleta Beach Park for today and future generations

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Goleta Beach Park (GBP) through its history has experienced both ends of mother natures forces with wide beaches, and major erosion without much sand.  Sandy beaches not only provide the beach experiences we all enjoy, but they are a natural buffer for landward assets in a park setting for grass lawns, picnic benches, playgrounds, restrooms, and parking facilities. And as important, they are home to a wide variety of marine and biological habitat that live and migrate in the coastal zone.

Because of the 2016-17 El Nino storms GBP was ravaged again with major winter storm activity with high surf and landward penetration. Fortunately about 2/3 of the Parks property is protected by rock buffer and these areas were mostly spared any permanent damage. However the mid-section of the park began experiencing erosion and our Santa Barbara County Parks Department installed a new rock buffer in real time thereby providing the same protection afforded to all other assets in the park.  However the rocks were installed under an emergency permit with the California Coastal Commission (CCC) which expires shortly.

The Supervisors have a vote to decide the fate of this new protection on August 22, 2017. This petition ask for your support for the following different options at GBP for consideration at the Supervisors hearing:

  1. The new rock revetment installed 2017 in the mid-section of the Park be incorporated with modifications into the existing 20 year Conditional Use Permit permitted in 2015 with the same monitoring and reporting in the Adaptive Management Plan governing the Park today.
  2. The best protection of coastal landward assets is wider beach buffers.  The County should continue to provide beach nourishment through County Flood Control bringing sand sediment into GBP to supplement natural accretion.
  3. Santa Barbara County should study sand accretion reefs for accelerating natural sand deposits and accretion at Goleta Beach Park , providing a natural buffer zone during major storm activities, wider beaches for the recreation enjoyment for all visitors, and improving the coastal zone marine habitat.  One approach is The Fish Reef Project, a world-wide nonprofit that is willing to invest in populating these accretion reefs in the Goleta Bay after feasibility and modeling studies are documented for County and State agencies to agree in permitting.
  4. Santa Barbara County should study restoring the historic kelp beds in the Goleta Bay that were destroyed in the El Nino storms over the past 30 years. Kelp beds are returning in small areas in the bay today, and along our coastline, which have impacts to natural sediment transport in the Goleta Littoral Subcell (starting a Coal Oil Point moving easterly past GBP).  These sand-dwelling kelp beds have been studied independently for their biological approach to restoring the entire Goleta Bay for their calming effects on wave and tidal activity, and the marine environment.  

Goleta Beach Park is the most visited recreational park in the County with over 1.4M visitations a year.  We ask the Santa Barbara Supervisors to please support these various options as you are the citizens guardians in protecting this beach/park environment for the enjoyment of today's and future generations of visitors.

Our group is also raising funds to continue fighting to save Goleta Beach Park. Funds collected will support the Save Goleta Beach Park efforts lead by Friends of Goleta Beach Park and The Reef Project,  a non-profit organization. Click here to support at our  Go Fund Me Campaign.

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