Ask Santa Barbara County Fire to reconsider opting in to Pulse Point

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PulsePoint is an application for smart phones used by several thousand residents of Santa Barbara County. It is a means for everyday citizens with CPR training to respond to emergencies and assist if able by showing basic details/location  of fire and ems response in our county. It gives these trained citizens notifications on their phones with the location of cardiac arrests and AEDs in the area in order to get patients help while waiting for ems/fire response. More than that, however, it allowed both on duty and off duty emergency personnel the chance to do so as well. It also allowed everyday people to see what was going on in their areas, such as accidents that may effect traffic routes, and wildland fires close by their homes and wether or not someone has called an incident in already -which can free up both emergency and non emergency lines from calls asking about these things. 

Those of us off duty can monitor the incidents going on in case we needed to volunteer to come in for extra coverage. It also allows those on duty to quickly see what units were involved on which call and pass that information on to other agencies such as local police or the hospitals should they be in need of more information.  

Santa Barbara County Fire has been utilizing this application  and has suddenly opted out of this invaluable resource. As a first responder in this community I have personally used this application both on and off duty, and I recognize the importance of giving the public a means to assist in emergencies. If this app allowed even one life to be saved it is invaluable. 

We ask that SBC fire reconsider their stance and opt back into PulsePoint. 


Meghan Boland,  Emergency Medical Technician


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