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Continue the Jewelpet Anime

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The Jewelpet anime needs our help!! Labra will not get to see Angela again-paca!

After 7 seasons, Labra pleads with all of us in the third episode of Jewelpet Attack Chance to start a petition to save the anime. No more seasons of the anime will be produced unless we show that Jewelpet has an audience which loves it and misses it! Now is the time to share your appreciation!

My favorite anime brings the Jewelpets to life and gives each of them a unique background and personality to go along with their merchandise. The Jewelpets themselves have been a very important part of my life and many others I have known, giving me characters to love and something to look forward to watching ever since the series first caught my attention with Jewelpet Twinkle. Jewelpet's aesthetics and character designs are unparalleled in cuteness and personality, delivering heartfelt emotion and humor with each Jewelpet bringing happiness and resolution to life's situations through the power of their magical gems. Love for these characters inspired the translation effort from a very hardworking individual who subtitled several seasons of the anime for westerners like me to enjoy. We really really wanted Jewelpet here in the west! Much more than once, Jewelpet brought me to tears with the ever-touching emotions shared with the Jewelpets and their human partners from the stories they experienced together. I don't want the story to be over yet!

Show Sanrio and Sega Toys your love for the Jewelpet anime and how it has been a positive impact on you and your family! I will never forget how this anime made me feel so many different things with our cutest, beloved mascots, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphire with all of their friends!

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