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justice for my mom Caroline fellows

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my mom was neglected and misdiagnosed and abused in Sandwell hospital West midlands uk. My mom was on Lyndon 4

my mom was ill for over 3 years with the same complaint, collapsing, weight loss vomiting, chronic rib pain all the doctors kept saying oh she is old it is to be expected ? my mom was not the kind to make a fuss if a doctor states your not ill your not ill.

But we could see how poorly she was she could hardly breath and to our horror she has a huge lump appear. It was secondary cancer so all the time she was collapsing she was really ill.

Even when she was diagnosed in May 2014 they still stated when she asked for oxygen to help her breath, but they still stated it was in her head and she was panicking because she has just been diagnosed with cancer. We were confused they refused to give her oxygen as they stated she did not need it.

She collapsed a few days later rushed in Sandwell hospital she had to have a blood transfusion and we were told she would be on antibiotics for 5 days and fluids but they stopped all after 3 days when I asked why they said she was ok now how wrong they all were.

It went down hill from then on they put mom on a ward the buzzer broke they put a wee bottle over it to stop it going of but there was 5 beds empty which they could have moved her they did not we walked in on visiting mom was lying down when it clearly stated above her bed keep patient up right she was choking on her own vomiting my husband ran to her lifted her up and lucky for us she expelled what was chocking her.

They put a cannula in her wrist wrong which bleed out for nearly 48 hours until we demeaned they changed it.

We kept moaning as my mom was not being looked after properly just left in a bed all day and night not being cleaned she ended up with bed sores they said she could have a side room but my husband had to move the bed and dresser as there was no porters to do so he did which is wrong heath and safety rules.

She ended up covered in buries all over both arms finger bruising she was left for 14 hours in a soaking wet bed up to her neck we left a recorder playing as we thought some thing was going on.

We had a call at 2 am stated oh your mom has fallen out of bed but its fine she's ok going back to sleep we stated we are coming up I want to know my mom is ok ? We walked in to her room she was so drugged up she could not speak or new who we were I was so upset when staff admit after I asked how did it happen? they said we do not know we heard your mom crying for help but we new she was bedbound so we left her? all this is on a recording I was shocked what do you mean you left her for how long ? Were not sure ? so it could have been hours on a freezing cold floor? I was shocked at their reply it could have been?

We did not leave mom after that unless we needed to pop home which we left a recorder all the time I can not believe what we heard a staff member states I am going to remove her pillows and I will deny it who cares it was for swelling in my moms hands thy got so bad it was causing her more unnecessary pain they also removed her bed sore cream and said I will say her daughter took it ?

They talked about my mom as though she was not there staff states no pint in giving her any more medication she is dying  its a waste all this time my mom is crying please help me please help me they just ignore her and moan about being tired fro making Christmas cards and selling them to staff is this even legal ?

my mom passed 3 days after her fall after staff say we do not know how this happened but on a recording we have the same nurse state when trying to brush her hair for the first time since mom was admitted you can hear mom wince in pain and the nurse states not surprised your heads hurting with how you banged it got a right lump on it ? another staff member states what do you mean with how she fell ? oh she says I mean well if she fell then it goes quite ? So they did know what happened ?

After mom passed I wanted an autopsy to see what killed her but the hospital refused for 16 months until they said we will do one we are using a retired Dr who works for the police occasionally so we were impressed but when we were told his name after he had done the autopsy we were shocked a DR Peter Robin Acland he had been struck of for gross misconduct so how dare they use him in his report he states no evidence of neglect how can there be we stayed with mom until she passed it was before also no bruising she was coved we have pictures but the best was it has been left to long to give a full accurate diagnoses what caused her death so I still do not know mom has still not been laid to rest and 17 months on still waiting the outcome ???

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