Justice for Ben Curry!- Remove Aaron Becker from teaching at SRVUSD.

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On May 8, 2018, Aaron Becker left his 4th period PE class for the lunch break without looking in the pool or otherwise accounting for his 57 students. Kids were treading water for a while, after the teacher added more time,  Ben  slipped under the water at the end just as everyone was getting out of the pool so the kids didn't notice. His dry, folded towel, shoes and cell phone were sitting poolside when the teacher left. Aaron Becker failed to do his job and it resulted in Ben Curry's death. If he would've simply taken seconds, he would've realized that one of his students was left in the bottom of the pool. 

Why hasn't the school released anything about the facts surrounding Ben's death? They hid behind their claim that they couldn't say anything earlier because of the police investigation but that is long since ended and they still have not said a word. Their silence is deafening and revealing.

I am asking the community to support me in advocating for Justice for Ben. He was a good kid and we must continue to fight for the truth to protect his name and bring some peace to his family and friends. The school district and teacher, Aaron Becker, must be held accountable for this senseless death.

The lack of information makes people question the truth and takes the focus off of the fact that a child went to school, and didn't come home to his family because he died in the school's care through no fault of his own. Period. Every single parent should be outraged about that alone. The district said in statements to the media that they would provide "accurate info when it becomes known." They have said NOTHING to the parents of the 30000 students in the district or the tax payers who approve their bond requests. Don't let them hide behind "lawyers" or "possible litigation". There are UNDISPUTED facts that they fully know and have known since the week Ben died. We. People keep wanting to avoid getting the facts out and censoring posts, but that adds to the secrecy and misinformation. For the school, the less people know, the better. But, that puts our children at risk of a repeat. In October last year, a Freshman at Cal High also drowned in PE class at the end as kids were getting out of the pool. They have a lifeguard at Cal High (not at SRV). The PE teacher noticed the student in the water, pulled the student out (not breathing and with no pulse). After 3 rounds of CPR, they revived the student. The teacher warned at a school board meeting the next month that a child might die with high enrollment numbers in the class. We didn't hear about this because the school refused to let parents in the district know so we could ask questions about safety or protect our kids. I recently stumbled upon this information by accident, NOT bc the school my kids attended told me, which I would expect when I pay taxes and donate money to their schools. That is the tragedy-they are trying to do it again here. Why is the school issuing statements in the press but have not said anything directly to parents or the community about the FACTS since the week Ben died - only a vague statement sent only to families of SRVHS. Why nothing to parents district wide - we ALL have an interest in our kids' safety, regardless of the school our kids attend. The Cal High incident and Ben Curry shows what happens when the district limits information. As for Mr. Becker, if a teacher left a first grader in a hot bus after a field trip who died, would the teacher not be placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation? This is not about personally attacking anyone or questioning whether they are a good or bad person. If a teacher has a job, and a child dies on their watch, where is the accountability? There is a mom in our community whose only child died when she sent him to school. How many chances does one get .

Please sign this petition to make the school send a communication to all the parents in the district and  remove Aaron Becker from our school. He had his chance at being a teacher and he failed the most basic responsibility. Aaron Becker continues to show up and laugh and joke around while working at school. Finally how they keep Becker at the school as a daily reminder to Ben’s many friends of this tragedy, mystifies me... Aaron Becker continuing to work with kids is an insult to every parent in the District.