Save San Francisco's beautiful Waterfront. Stop the rezoning of India Basin.

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We, members of the Bayview/Hunters Point, San Francisco, and Archimedes Banya, urge you to PROTECT the environment, ecosystem, and beauty of the India Basin that is a part of the San Francisco waterfront.  BUILD Inc, a greedy developer of the surrounding property at Innes Avenue, is using back-room deals and has proposed to CHANGE the existing neighborhood ZONING to enable TALL BUILDINGS (towers), thereby creating a little Manhattan in India Basin, for its proposed condos, offices, and tall towers - a BAD PRECEDENT for the City. The project ignores its impact on fragile bay shore nature, Bayview-Hunters Points’ existing communities, surrounding businesses, and decades long community planning efforts with the city. The construction is planned on a loose, contaminated landfill. It is going to be a disaster and the beginning of the catastrophic destruction of Bayview topography resulting from an attempt to illegally rezone India Basin area.

         Archimedes Banya is a unique cultural and community resource, it must be protected and preserved. We urge you to vote against the project and demand to PROTECT our City quality and beauty by creating a bad precedent of such rezoning. This type of building is NOT SUSTAINABLE environmentally.