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We've all seen him make incredible strides and feats to catch a splash ball in our beloved McCovey Cove! Dave Edlund is the heart of gamers everywhere and what better way to honor him then make him Ball Dude for a Day?! Thank you for representing all of us Dave! We're proud of you!!

Letter to
Vice President, Public Affairs & Community Relations Shana Daum
Just like the commercial says, "McCovey Cove and kayaks, Pablo Sandoval and bubble gum, Andrew Baggerly and the Giants! Some things just go together!" McCovey Cove Dave represents the heart of Giants fans everywhere! Dave has 20 splash HR's. He has also grabbed 17 HR's over the last 4 years. He is the fastest paddler, but tries to be where the HR will land and that is most important. A total Gamer and all around great guy! Please grant him the honor of being Ball Dude for a Game! Thank you!