Demand Fairness and Respect at San Francisco's Department of Public Health

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We, the undersigned employees and community members, are concerned that the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) is failing to address issues that are affecting its ability to fulfill its mission.

  • We are concerned about short-staffing and excessive workloads and demand that DPH conduct a review of how these issues are impacting patient care. Threats to job security must also end, specifically for the dedicated principal clerks whose duties are gradually being reduced and reassigned by DPH management.
  • We are calling on the management at DPH to end to punitive discipline practices that only reduce morale instead of identifying areas for improvement.
  • Furthermore, we want an end to the disproportionate amount of disciplines of African American workers. We demand an immediate review of the use of disciplines, terminations, probation extensions, separation from probation, and promotional opportunities and how these are applied to workers of different races, genders, and ages.

Our communities rely on the services facilitated by DPH, and we require this important city department to live up to our city’s values of fairness, collaboration, and respect. Our city’s health and well-being depends on it.