San Franciscans For Fire-Protection Equity

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Dear Mayor Breed, The danger of catastrophic fires after an earthquake increase daily. Please change your position on the AWSS: the Auxiliary Water Supply System and respect the findings of the Civil Grand Jury's report on the state of the city's emergency fire-fighting capability: Act Now Before It Is Too Late. Stand up for the people of the western and southern neighborhoods for the right to protection from catastrophic fires. Everyone in the city deserves the same protection. This is about equity--public safety equity.

Using drinking water to fight fires is not a good plan. Using the endless supply of salt water to fight the conflagration which will come with the "big one" is a smart idea and one that will save people's lives and property. The designers of the AWSS system figured this out over 100 years ago. Why don't you agree?

When the city burns down, we'll be gone. But the "big money" people will be glad to help rebuild. We don't want the city to burn down. We want you to help make sure that we have a chance to survive.

Please take a stand on our behalf. Make sure the Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond in March 2020 makes it a priority to extend the AWSS to all parts of the city in a timely fashion and to use salt water, not our precious drinking water, to put out the fires. Anyone who has seriously thought about this has to agree that extending the AWSS is the best plan to protect ALL of the people of San Francisco.

What could be a better legacy for your administration?

Thank you for seriously considering this request.