No extra Severance for James Makshanoff or Erik Sund

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Costa Mesa has an operating budget of $142.54 million dollars, over double that of San Clemente. Their recently fired City Manager made $337,113.58 salary + benefits in 2017. His severance pay was a tidy 9 months pay.

Our City Manager made $357,385.00 back in 2016. Our annual budget is $68 million.

Tim Brown, Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm want to extend the severance pay for the City Manager to 1.5 years 

In what world does this make sense? And why is James Makshanoff's salary for 2017 not yet listed? San Clemente has no transparency.

San Clemente residents, you are a piggy bank for the whims of Tim Brown, Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm.

In addition, this bounds the next council NOT to fire the City Manager for an additional 120 days. This is unconscionable. 

Vote NO on extending Severance Pay!!