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Samsung to recall and exchange broken galaxy s8 with red/pink displays

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Samsung has developed a very beautiful and sexy smartphone flagship Galaxy s8 and Galaxy s8+ with the fantastic infinity display, leaving way beyond companies like Apple and others. But all the phones are defective as they all have red/pink tint on the display. We, customers of Samsung, are complaining about this issue since the launch date but nothing has happened yet - Samsung is not recalling the broken phones, neither exchanging them. Instead, Samsung has rolled out "a fix" adding users an ability to adjust the colors using RGB bars. Samsung, are you being serious about this? This is not a fix but a hack or workaround making customers to do YOUR job themselves. Samsung claims this is not a hardware issue and can be fixed with software upgrades, but how come you ask customers to adjust the settings, why not simply and quietly apply OTAs fixing the issue of the red/pink screen without making customers to fix this themselves? The only reason for that could be cause Samsung does not know how strong the red/pink tint is on a particular phone so they can't fix it with software without risking to make it even worse. This makes us customers of Samsung think that this is a hardware problem and the "fix" is just a workaround and there's no hope there will be any better solution for the red/pink displays issue for those who already bought the devices. Hence we are asking Samsung to recall and exchange all the devices with red/pink display problem they've spread up all over the world.

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