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Samsung sound bars to be able to turn off "auto power down" mode on all inputs

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Currently on a large range of Samsung Sound bars (most recently my ms750 sound bar) the bar will turn it's self off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

For this example you have your Samsung sound bar connected via ARC / WiFi or bluetooth.

Picture this. You are watching your favorite movie or TV show on Netflix (or any app / movie etc) and you have to pause the movie or show for a quick break. 5 minutes passed and you press play on your device. Wait there is no sound and you realise your Samsung sound bar has turned off with the "auto power down" function. This means you need to manually turn the sound bar back on to get audio. Now personally I use HDMI arc so I only need one remote. When I turn the TV on, the bar turns on. When I adjust the tv volume it increases the bar volume. When I turn off the TV, you guessed it the bar turns off. The issue is when it auto powers down after a measly 5 minutes you have to manually turn the bar back on.

Now as a new to Samsung customer I thought this should be no troubles, I will just turn off the auto power down function. I read the manual and it doesn't appear there is an option for this unless you are using the aux input. So I contacted Samsung who also advised you cannot disable the auto power down function for these inputs.

Who ever at Samsung designed these bars did a great job at the bars sound output however they forgot one thing, user functionality. 

All my other surround sound systems (Yamaha most recent before my ms750) I have used either had a way to disable a sleep mode or the system was smart enough to switch back on when the tv sends audio signals back to the system.

Samsung has 3 ways to fix this issue.

1. Have the bar automatically turn back on when an audio signal is received

2. Have a way to disable the auto power down function on all inputs, not just aux.

3. Increase the time before auto power down is activated (from 5 mins to say 30 minutes) and if power saving is a big motive for Samsungs sales, let the user increase this through the options.

Now these 3 options are all something that can be done via a firmware update and the bar can be updated like most modern devices.

Just google auto power down on Samsung bars and you will see lots of threads on this including heaps on Samsungs very own website and the moderators really just don't take ownership to rectify the issue.


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