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Petitioning Samsung

Samsung: Allow removal of pre-installed apps and the transfer of apps to the SD card on the Galaxy S4.

Samsung advertised 16 gb of memory on its low-memory Galaxy S4 (32 and 64 gb options were not available at time of purchase and the issue was not identified until sales of the device took place).  However, after the pre-installed are programs are considered, only 45% of the usable memory is left.

Samsung's response was for the consumer to buy an SD card, but this will not work.  Apps can't be installed on the SD card. We need to be able to delete the pre-installed programs we don't use and/or transfer apps to the SD card in order to free up memory for the programs we want to install.

Letter to
Allow removal of unused pre-installed software and allow apps to be transferred to the SD card on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.