We wish to have the full cover of “Wayfaring Stranger” sung by Jos Slovick to be released.

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Many people have supported and enjoyed the movie “1917” directed by Sam Mendes and produced my Universal Pictures and Dreamworks. Many people online have head the cover of “Wayfaring stranger” sung by Jos Slovick in the movie. Many wish to have the full version of the song released by Jos Slovick and the production studios. We believe it is fair for the supporters of the movie to receive the full cover of “Wayfaring Stranger”. We believe not only will the supporters enjoy it but it will be an economic opportunity for the Studios, Jos Slovick and the director of the movie. It is a simple request from the people supporting your organizations. If you do not believe this go look how popular the song has become thousands are talking about it. Please release the full version of “Wayfairing Stranger” covered by Joe Slovick just like in the movie. Thanks so much!