Detective Jeff Payne Does Not Deserve to Serve the People of Salt Lake City

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In a video that recently went viral, Detective Jeff Payne unlawfully arrested nurse Alex Wubbels for following hospital policy. 

The so called "detective" was wanting to obtain a blood sample from an unconscious man. The rules simply state, as nurse Alex W. explained, he could not do so unless he had the patient's consent, a warrant, or the patient was under arrest (the patient failed to fall under any of the categories).

Frustrated for not getting his way, Detective Jeff Payne arrested nurse Alex W. In the video one can see how frightened she was and how very unprofessional he is.

It was not until about a month after the incident, and the video went viral, that Salt Lake City Police placed detective Payne on paid leave. Although there is an ongoing investigation on the incident, we do not believe Detective Jeff Payne is a man worthy of serving the great people of Salt Lake City.

What he did to nurse Alex W., who courageously stood up for her patient, was inexcusable. Therefore we the people call for Detective Jeff Payne to be terminated from the police department. Salt Lake City's citizens (just as any other living being) deserve to be protected not bullied by those who are supposed to be among America's finest. 

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