A team of astronomers should undertake an OIII survey of the galactic plane.

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Multiple surveys of the galactic plane in the light of ionized hydrogen (Ha) have revolutionized our view of the Milky Way and significantly increased the number of catalogued objects.

It is long overdue to undertake an equivalent survey in the light of doubly ionized oxygen (OIII). I believe this will facilitate the discovery of potentially hundreds of new and unknown planetary nebulae, supernova remnants and other miscellaneous ejecta nebulae. This could be done by a team of either professional or amateur astronomers as part of a pro-am collaboration.

This would also further support the efforts of amateur astronomers who have discovered hundreds of planetary nebulae that are predominantly OIII in the past decade.

It's time to recover the potential unknown low surface brightness OIII emission that is surely prevalent in the shadows of the Milky Way!