Free Joseph Fettah - Victim of Miscarriage of Justice

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Twenty year old Joseph Fettah has been wrongly accused and imprisoned for a crime he never committed.

Moreover, it appears that factual evidence and logic proves that not only did Joseph Fettah not do what he was accused of doing, but that 'evidence' used in court to convict and imprison him appears to have been 'created' after the tragic accident involving two separate drivers took place.

Furthermore, crucial factual evidence relating to this case was omitted or lost, while names/dates on documentation appear to be rearranged in a wrong order to create an alternative story to the original truth. It appears that 'smoke and mirrors' effects were heavily used to influence the jury.

As shown in the video below, the falsifying of evidence and information led to Joe Fettah (who had no previous convictions) receiving a five year sentence, which astonishingly is a much longer sentence than the three years and nine months sentence given to the actual person (unknown to Joe) who was the only one involved in the death through dangerous driving accident involving another female driver who had crossed into his path through pulling out from a minor road into a major road.  

Please watch the film below and make up your own mind. We hope that you too will be appalled that innocent people can be stitched-up for crimes they never committed. Instead Joe Fettah has been imprisoned for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with multiple sources of hard evidence which points to the same conclusion that Joe Fettah was deliberately set-up and scapegoated.  

We hope you will join us in adding your name to our petition to free an innocent young man -Joe Fettah. 

Thank you. 


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