Bring Nasar Ullah Khan's family to the UK for his final days

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Nasar Ullah Khan, 38, is a Pakistani national who has lived in the UK for more than nine years. He has just a short time to live, due to end-stage heart failure.

As the local representative of the medical charity Doctors of the World, his relatives in Birmingham contacted me the week before Christmas in a state of desperation. Due to his immigration status and the clinical complexity of his condition, Nasar was ineligible for the heart transplant required to save his life.

The hospital explained that without indefinite leave to remain in the UK (which would mean a lengthy legal application with the outcome far from certain), he couldn’t be considered a candidate for the operation. 

Now it is too late and he is suffering acute organ failure - His doctor's have told him that he only has a very short time to live.

Too unwell to fly home to Pakistan, his last wish is to see his two young sons and his wife before he dies. 

With the assistance of ASIRT, a fast-track application for a family visit visa was lodged with the British High Commission in Islamabad on January 9th 2019 - we are STILL waiting well beyond the usual visa processing time - the clock is ticking and we have NO idea if the application will be successful or how long it will take.

Nasar does not have time to wait - every day longer is a day the family could be together. We are watching the spirits of this strong, warm man sink each day he waits for them.

We call on the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to act to ensure his family's visit visa is granted soon - Along the way Nasar has experienced multiple injustices and misfortunes -  Please let him see his family!

Help support the family to get to the UK

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