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Stop Killing the Ocean - No more Plastic on my Food!!

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I  have started this petition to bring attention to  UK supermarkets' use of unnecessary plastic packaging.
Every year tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean or polluting ecosystems on land, killing fish and animals and releasing toxins into our natural resources. The production of plastic is also a huge use of fossil fuels and electricity , which we globally need to drastically cut back on if we have any hope of averting the climate crisis. Plastic is a highly chemical dangerous material, and I find it ridiculous that it's impossible to walk into a supermarket to buy food that isn't wrapped or packaged in plastic. I personally hate the idea of toxic chemical leaching into my food produce, and do not feel comfortable buying from companies that are needlessly contributing to global warming and putting wildlife in danger. My proposal is that all fruits and vegetables should be sold loose and that products should be packaged in cardboard or paper as much as possible. I'm sure that most people would be more than happy to buy produce loose, especially as this would allow your customer to buy the quantity they want rather than have to buy a set number that they don't really need and will end up wasting. Biodegradable recycled paper bags could be provided to for collecting purchased goods.
You may disregard my email, and think why should you listen to me. I'm not an influential political figure, or a renowned scientist, just a student with not much experience in this field. However what I do have is a passion for conserving our precious planet and a conscience. You may think that my proposal would be a lot of hassle and wouldn't benefit you, but actually as well as helping to change the way we treat the environment and consume resources, you would undoubtedly gain a lot of public support, positive publicity and governmental approval for being the fist major retailer to make this transition. Before plastic came into our lives, people survived perfectly well without carrots and apples smothered in layers of plastic and I'm sure humans have not lost that capability.
I would really appreciate it if you could sign this petition and share it with everyone you know so we can try and make as big an impact as possible. 

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