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All Supermarkets to sell food past best before date to cut waste

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Co-Op has become the first big retailer to sell food after its “best before” date in an attempt to cut down on £500 million of waste a year in Britain.

Tinned food, packets of crisps, boxes of cereal and dried food such as pasta and rice are being sold at a flat rate of 10p in 125 Co-op stores in East Anglia.

All supermarkets should follow suit, if we can get all supermarkets on board we can look to start reducing the 200,000 tonnes of food waste per year. 


Government guidance on reducing food waste published last week stated: “It is permissible to sell or redistribute food after the ‘best before’ date relating to it, provided it is not unsafe.

More than 200,000 tonnes of food is thrown away every year because people mistakenly believe that they cannot eat it after its “best before” date. Unlike “use by” dates, which are provided for safety reasons, “best before” dates are an indicator of quality and tend to be set cautiously, meaning that there is usually very little deterioration for weeks or months after the date shown. 

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