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Save Pallikaranai Marshland from Pollution

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Mr. Sajesh Krishnadas Chennai, India raised this petition 2 years back. It looks problem still persist. Hense raising this again. Please sign up to support. Content as it is from the previous petition.

Pallikaranai marshland used to be home for 337 species of floras and faunas but now 60 hectares of land and 112 hectares of marsh has been gobbled up by the ever-expanding dumping yard.

 Some of the serious issues include:

Poor quality of groundwater
The quality of groundwater in the surrounding areas has been getting worse day by day as they garbage being dumped into the waters of the marshland.

Environmental Pollution
Burning of garbage has always been a serious issue for people in the neighborhood and it has been contaminated the air which may or have already lead to various health problems.

Decrease in the estuarine fauna and floras
The marshland served as forage and breeding ground for thousands of migratory birds but we see a sharp decrease in their population because of the dump yard.

Reduce the effect of natural calamities like Flood 
Marshland are natural flood-control agents which acts as sponges to trap the flood water, reduces the speed and slowly distribute them over the floodplain. 

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