Prevent the extinction of white sage. Stop sage bundle sales now!!

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We are facing a time where the use of our (California Natives) sacred white sage has become a trend. This greatly endangers the plants existance because of the normalization of sage bundle sales. People are going out to find the plant on their own and often times taking it by the root. 

Earth’s creatures are part of a balance.
 Plant and being, plants give us nutrients to move strong in our bodies. When we are done with our bodies we are meant to give them back to the earth giving nutrients back to her.
There’s a connection that occurs between praying to, for and picking our foods and medicines such as sage.
When I pick my sage I have been taught to speak to the bush. Tell her why I am picking her. I pray to her for she is a part of the earth goddess. I pray to creator. I offer my tobacco and water because I know that I cannot take something that I need with out giving in return. I leave my prayers and intention with the plant. I take my prayers and intention with my bundle. My prayers and intentions then will fill the air where the smoke burns. Buying a bundle in store takes away from that sacredness and potency of its use. We don’t know the intent of the person picking the sage. We don’t know if they picked it in a good way. I can only assume if they pick it to sell, there is not a healthy intention in it. I ask that if you are going to sell a plant that is an endangered species, that you buy the seeds or entire plant from indigenous people who grow it the right way, and sell the seed or plants as a whole so that we can minimize the risk of this plant becoming an extinct species. In this way of selling an entire properly grown plant, we can together offer our part in protecting this sacred medicine. 

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