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To prevent the potential closure of South Harrow Police Station

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At #Fixit Harrow Network, the members are trying to encourage improvements in, and an awareness of the environmental, economic, and social issues within the London Borough of Harrow. We believe that the closure of South Harrow Police Station will have a negative and destabilising effect on our community. South Harrow Police Station is one of the few remaining stations in our borough and, without it, our community will be at risk. In Wealdstone, the crime hot spot of Harrow, 402 crimes were reported in January 2014. Since the closure of Wealdstone Police Station around this time, statistics show that this figure has risen to 432 reported crimes in April 2017.

With the recent rise in knife-related crimes, as well as the amount of anti-social behaviour, burglaries, and drug-and-gang-related activity, especially in Wealdstone, we as a community need to know that we are protected by the local authorities, as we should be. In Harrow Weald for instance, we rarely see a uniformed police officer and, not only does this create a sense of vulnerability and unease within our community, but we tend to have higher levels of the previously mentioned crimes. The loss of officers has also weakened local intelligence which is fundamental in proactively dealing with crime. Closing South Harrow Station would also mean that there may be a delay in police response times and reports that some people would be more comfortable making in person, would have to be done so in Wembley or Colindale.

Merging the London Borough of Harrow into a single command with Brent and Barnet will negate the importance of Harrow and its primary affiliation as a London Borough. A Commander based in Wembley or Colindale will not prioritise Harrow regarding officers and resources. We have already lost more than 150 uniformed officers following recent funding cuts. Resources will be spread even thinner making proactive policing a thing of the past and increasing crime levels as a result.

Ultimately, there will be no operational police stations in the Borough of Harrow. If local authorities are further denied the resources they need, there will be a price for us to pay as a community.
I hope you will support me in my cause.

Many thanks.
#Fixit Harrow Network


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