A way to remove clouds in London with "CloudBuster"

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Dear Mayor Sadiq Khan,

in November 1998 the Professor Pier Luigi Ighina (1908-2004), who collaborated with Guglielmo Marconi, invented and installed in the garden of his house in Imolo a large propeller that is able to remove or attract clouds.
In a condition of sky completely cloudy, after starting the propellor in motion, in 10 minutes the clouds have split in two above the propellor.

In adjacent land he has buried quintals of pure aluminum powder that has the function to multiply by a million times the energy of the magnetic monopoles. 

I would like to start this petition as I wish it could be possible to use this technology and invention and live in a sunny city.


Part 1

Part 2

This small invention is functional and small but could make a big difference.

Thanks for your attention