Disqualify bus driver who ran over our sister

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Despite being halfway across a zebra crossing, Saba Mirza (27) was run over by a TFL Metroline bus and dragged on November 2016. Incubated at the scene, and instantly hospitalized. Despite the predictions of medical professionals who believed she would die on countless occasions whilst comatose, Saba has so far survived however a year later she still remains in hospital with life changing injuries. .

The driver who ran over Saba was a TFL Metroline Bus driver Donovan Daly (54), whose job was to transport passengers to and from work, and school, and drive the elderly from the bus stop to the shops so they can get their groceries. Bus drivers are routinely trusted by passengers and pedestrians to follow the Highway-Code as a legal requirement to ensure road safety. In the Highway-Code it states ; if you do not know do not go, also to give-way to pedestrians already on the crossing. It was proved in Court that Saba was already more than half way across the zebra crossing before she was struck. It was also proved by the Crown that he had simply followed a van in front and had not looked left to check whether there were any pedestrians before turning at the junction. On 26/3/2018, the driver was found guilty for careless driving (driving without undue care and attention).  Although he was found guilty his punishment was only 9 penalty points and a fine he wasn’t even disqualified from driving – not such a bad punishment considering his actions destroyed the future of an innocent young woman, going about her daily life. He continues to drive for TFL, and whilst he remains on the roads, he poses a risk to other young women, like Saba, men, children, and elderly citizens; anyone who crosses his path. If he was careless once, he could be careless again. We don’t want to see anyone else’s lives destroyed, the way hers has been. We don’t want other families to suffer the torment of not knowing whether a much-loved sister, daughter, and friend would make it through the night.

So what do we want? 
Is it fair that he continues to drive for Metroline, despite him being found guilty for causing serious injury through careless driving (without undue care and attention). This driver’s lack of consideration and care for others around him nearly cost a woman her life. He has cost her, her ability to live independently as she has remained in hospital for 531 days and continues to do so.

This bus driver was merely given 9 points on his license, Parliament needs to change this he should have been disqualified. 
Please sign if you want to save more people from Saba’s fate and get justice for those who have already suffered… 
Thank you.
Saba, Nicky, Nabila, Rimha, Sulaiman and Fawzia