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End appalling 'anti-begging' TFL announcements

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Currently, many tube lines carry public service announcements which say "There are beggars and buskers operating on this train. Please do not encourage their presence by supporting them."

Homelessness and rough sleeping have skyrocketed in our capital in recent years as a result of the government's brutal welfare cuts and austerity policies. People are forced to beg on streets and trains as a last resort - not because it's an attractive or lucrative activity.

The announcements currently running on the underground are deeply dehumanising, encouraging wealthy commuters to see those forced to beg on trains as a nuisance to be ignored - rather than people who have been badly let down by the system, and who deserve support and compassion.

As a Mayor with a strong sense of the injustices of austerity, I'm shocked that Sadiq Khan is overseeing such a heartless policy on London's tube network.

These announcements need to be removed immediately.