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Sack Raheel Khursheed as Head - News, Politics and government, Twitter India and replace him with Mr. Kanchan Gupta

India will go through its Lok Sabha elections next year.
The wave from previous elections indicates that Shri Narendra Modi will easily become the Prime Minister of Akhand Bharat by winning 472+ seats.
In a last ditch effort to halt Mr. Modi's march towards 7-RCR, Congress has forced Twitter India to appoint a very very biased person called Raheel Khursheed who reportedly hates riots.
This is wrong. Just plain wrong. 
A company has no right to appoint a person with political views.
Raheel should be immediately replaced by best and most honestly neutral journalist, Mr. Kanchan Gupta.
Mr. Kanchan Gupta has been a renowned neutral voice in the positively(BJP) and negatively(CONgress) charged environment of Indian politics.
He currently runs India's most popular and totally neutral news website called Niti Central.
A news organisation is the bastion of neutrality and Mr. Kanchan Gupta has displayed unmatched integrity while managing his news website.
Mr. Kanchan Gupta is also very good looking, especially when he has a pipe in his mouth.

Please take appropriate actions or all of us will leave Twitter and join Orkut.

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