Sack Magistrate Therese McCarthy, bring justice for Jalal Yassine and his family

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To the Victorian Attorney General, Mr Martin Pakula.
On the 14th of March 2017, Ayou Deng ran over and killed 13 yer old Jalal Yassine in Melbourne's west. Ms Deng drove negligently and was unlicensed, was driving an unregistered vehicle and failed to render any sort of first aid or help at the scene of the crash. Ms Deng has shown no remorse throughout each of her court appearances, she has violently lashed out at the media multiple times, she has not even apologised to 13 year old Jalal's grieving mother. Ms Deng faced court for sentencing on the 13th of March 2018 where she was sentenced by Magistrate Therese McCarthy to a mere 80 hours of community service for the atrocity she committed on top of a seperate assault charge. Ms McCarthy would have to have taken into account Ms Deng's lack of remorse, lack of willingness to assist her victim and her despicable attitude and behaviour throughout her trial. Ms McCarthy has committed an act of gross injustice in her negligent sentencing of Ms Deng; an injustice against Ms Deng's 13 year old victim and an injustice against the victim's family. Ms Deng should have been charged with manslaughter.
Ms McCarthy cannot be trusted with her highly important job of serving fair justice in the community, she has disgraced herself and the Victorian judicial system with this pathetic and unjustly light sentence that she has given Ms Deng.
Mr Pakula, you appointed Ms Therese McCarthy as a Magistrate to serve the Victorian people, to fairly judge and appropriately sentence those who have committed crimes against the state, and most of all to bring justice for those who have fallen victim to criminals like Ms Ayou Deng who willingly and recklessly broke the law. Ms McCarthy has failed to do these things and proven to the people of this state that she is incapable of doing her job.
Mr Pakula, will you do the right thing by the people of Victoria and by the family of Jalal Yassine and revoke Ms Therese McCarthy's title of Magistrate? Will you condemn the sickeningly light sentence given by Ms McCarthy to Ayou Deng and aid in whatever way you can to restoring justice for Jalal Yassine? We expect the right thing to be done and we will not ever stand for unfair injustices like this.
- The Australian People.