Compensation for those Cabin Crew who paid the course or are still paying it. (NOT FAIR!!)

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As Ryanair's cabin crews we have lived and suffered from the beginning an adventure that we have all gone through struggling economically at the beginning. That said, Ryanair's new courses are for free when until just 2 months ago people have continued to pay € 3000, plus the € 500 registration fee and having to pay for our uniform. This makes us think about how little they consider us as workers who sweat and suffer for this company that seems to give nothing in return! Well, we have arrived here, we need to know that our company cares for us and we are mere numbers for them and we have to let them know we can make our voices be heared!! 

This is another marketing strategy to desperately attract more people, but they should remember that marketing is also keeping their current employees happy so they don't leave. This can be done as easy as changing small details that benefits the crew so we see that our company cares about us and changes things for our convenience. Any ideas?