We want conservationists on the Wildlife Conservation Council - not big game hunters!

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The Wildlife Conservation Council is comprised primarily with people who think the best way to consrerve wildlife is by killing it.  We want to see people appointed to this group who are truly interested in promoting the safety of wildlife.  Scientists and veterinarians would be a good start.  Yesterday, the last male Northern White Rhino died. The species, among others, is in danger.  We need people on this council that would protect wildlife - not kill it for enjoyment.  Cecil the Lion met his painful demise at the hands of Walter Palmer, who was vilified for this action.  Now he is part of this group? In what world is that humane and right? Please Secretary Zinke - help to conserve these beautiful creatures who are at the door of extinction: lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, primates, etc.  Disband this council and appoint real conservationists - not killers! Thank you.

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