State and Federal Government to fully fund our local schools.

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Towns are having to seek Prop 2 1/2 overrides to fund our schools because the State and Federal Government aren't stepping up and spending our tax dollars wisely. We need to be heard that we expect the State and Federal government to FULLY fund our schools so as residents of towns we don't need to ask our neighbors to increase their property tax to help fund schools when we all pay so much already in taxes. 

The money should be split 50/50 per student. As a small town we get less funding than other towns. How can we expect the children to know we care if we can't properly fund their free public school education. Which isn't actually free because we all pay our hard earned money in taxes to fund these schools. Oxford is currently trying to get $600,000 for level funding. That is just to open the doors in the fall of 2018. We aren't looking for new buildings or new staff. We just want to keep what we have. Because the state and federal government aren't showing sufficient funding to school we have to ask our residents in a low income community to pay more town taxes to help cover this.

Let's get our government to step up and put the money where they all "say" it should go when they are campaigning for our votes. lets hold them accountable for OUR children's futures. 


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